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More About the Time Capsule

A Time Capsule is a simplified shipping kits that include everything you need to digitize your legacy media. They come in various sizes.

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    1. Order Your Time Capsule - Once you receive your Time Capsule, simply activate it with the provided code and follow our easy instructions.
    2. Send Your Media - Safely pack your media into your Time Capsule, and send it to our team of experts using the included prepaid shipping label.
    3. View & Share Memories - You will be notified once your order is ready. View your memories on your choice of output(s) and easily share your files online.

    The Time Capsule creates digital replicas of your memories originally captured on older media formats. You choose which memories you want to send and your preferred output: USB Flash Drive, DVD, or Digital Copy. You receive digital replicas, without manual editing or artificial enhancements.

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    You may add items for an additional charge as indicated on the barcode stickers. Simply label each extra item with an Additional item barcode sticker, and we’ll invoice you when we receive your Time Capsule.

    You’re welcome to add additional home movies and photos to your Time Capsule by using the Additional Item barcodes included with your box. We will send you an invoice for the additional items when we receive your Time Capsule.

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