Activate Your Time Capsule

Once it is carefully packed and ready to send, please activate your Time Capsule, so we know it's on its way to us. We'll ask you for your return shipping address on the next screen.

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Activate Capsule Inputs

How To Prepare Your Time Capsule

Collect the pieces of media you wish to digitize. Organize each media type in your desired viewing order. The purchase price of your TimeCapsule includes digital transfer of included items and the selected output(s). You may transfer additional items for an added charge as indicated on the barcode stickers


  • Videotapes do not need to be rewound
  • Small film reels will be combined onto a larger 400' reel for processing; empty original reels will be returned to you with your order
  • Photo albums and slide carousels are not accepted

Included Items   What is an Item?  

Place one Included Item barcode sticker on each item.

Additional Items

You can send additional items for a discounted price. Simply label each extra item with an Additional Item barcode sticker.


  • Apply item barcodes to the individual videotape
  • Apply item barcodes to the film reel in desired viewing order
  • Separate prints, slides, and negatives by type in desired viewing order, place them in an envelope or small bag, and affix one item barcode to the outside

In addition to your selected output(s), you can upgrade your Time Capsule by adding a USB, DVD, or Digital Copy. Simply place the appropriate Upgrade label on the designated area of your box.

When you are ready to send in your media, use your Activation Code from your Media Tracking Barcode sheet to Activate your Time Capsule. Activating your Time Capsule will let us know that your order is on its way.

Follow these steps to prepare your Time Capsule for shipping:

  Insert your barcoded items into the padded media bag and securely seal the bag.

  Insert the padded media bag into your Time Capsule.

  Seal the box with the provided tape strip.

  Affix the provided UPS shipping label to your Time Capsule where indicated.

You are now ready to drop off your Time Capsule at your local UPS Store. Hand your package to a UPS representative, and make sure to ask for and retain your receipt.

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